Get Diablo 2 Vampire Gaze 1.08

Maybe you thought all the good old classic items that dropped in D2 versions long gone were long gone as well? If so you are wrong because you can still buy some good old stuff like Vampire Gaze 1.08 with perfect stats over at¬†who is still at it after 14 years of continuous service. And you don’t have to worry about the items going poof because they are perm. If you are interested in this stuff hurry up and grab some because they are selling quickly and supply is limited.

New Diablo 2 Ladder

A bit late with the announcement but better late than never. So Diablo 2 ladder was reset on May the 14th. Blizzard stays true to form and keeps up with the 6 month cycle for the ladder. This is nice and shows they have not given up on their old faithful score of dedicated players. We still love the game. Show us you love us in return. In my humble opinion nothing beats Diablo 2. There is Path of Exile and Diablo 3 but they don’t capture that easy flowing, great music, item hunting and at the same time intriguing feel that Diablo 2 instills in the player. In so far as I am concerned: it’s pure magic and can’t be analyzed, unraveled or understood. Some games have it, others don’t. Period.

Diablo 2 Ladder Reset

Yep, it’s official. Blizzard has just reset the D2 Ladder. New ladder season is running and for those that can’t wait for Diablo 3, it is a light in the darkness. A light to chase and pursue until kingdom come (or ladder reset).

Diablo 2 Animated Gif – SOJ In Bloody Foothills

I can’t remember when this animated gif was originally published – probably around 2005 – but it makes me laugh just as hard now as it did back then. And it brings back great memories. Of people, players, times that are gone, and the game itself of course: Diablo 2 which never seems to get old. Now let’s cut the crap and enter the Bloody Foothills where all the action is:

Soj in Bloody Foothills

There you go. Enjoy and let the memories live.

Ladder Reset in April?

The last ladder reset took place on October 25 2011, and Blizzard has allegedly been aiming for a 6 months ladder season for the past year. The question is if it will happen by end of April or not. With Blizzard you never know and the only way to find out for sure is to stay tuned with the news on classic and keep your eyes open for news notifications in the in-game lobby.

D2 Ending

It was some time since I last saw the ending video for Diablo 2 so I thought I would refresh my memory:

Yep, that’s how it looks and that’s what you not get to see and enjoy when you power level through the game.

Diablo 2 Power Leveling Service Is Hereby Launched

We have finally uploaded, installed and filled the website with content. The goal now is to become the number one resource for Diablo 2 players looking to save themselves some time and get more enjoyment out of the game. We level 24/7 and get your character right up where it belongs – at the top of the ladder, whether you play on USEast, USWest or Europe. The highest we will take your character is to level 95 which is pretty much unsurpassed in the business. And for all who are wondering: yes, we do Hardcore Power Leveling as well, and it’s just as fast and secure as our normal service. HC Power Leveling is where we truly shine, and we are confident that you will find us to your liking. Don’t forget to like us on facebook, tweet and google+ us before you move on.